About Us

In 2010, the Morgan Family took the plunge and moved just outside of Greeley to a little acreage in fulfillment of a dream. We feel that we have been so blessed by God to have been able to make this move, and we are so thankful!

Dad (Frank) is a full time family physician. He has a very busy practice but somehow finds time to coach little league. His hobbies include working on the little farm (of course), as well as woodworking and playing music with the kids. Mom (Dana) is also a family physician, but in the summer of 2012 decided to stop working to devote her time to the kids and the family. She stays very busy homeschooling the kids and we are all very glad to have her all to ourselves! Dana enjoys sewing and crocheting as well as trying new recipes and bargain shopping.

We have five children in our family, though two – Ashley and Connor – have grown up and moved on. We are very proud of our oldest as they have turned into fine young adults. Ben is now the oldest kid in the house and we now rely on him to make sure things get done around the farm. He is great kid and enjoys videography and gaming. He is a great football player and started both ways on an undefeated team this past year. Ben loves to play airsoft games on the farm with his little brother Jon and their cousin Ian. Jon is our second oldest still at home, just one year behind Ben. Jon is a terrific football player. He loves reading and playing video games (in that order). Jon is very talented musically and can play the piano and the guitar. He loves to fish and just like his brother Ben, he has a great sense of humor.

Jacqueline is our youngest. She is full of life and is always smiling. She loves spending time with her filly and would rather be outside than inside. She loves singing with her dad and, like her big sister Ashley, is very talented musically. Jacqueline puts a smile on everyone’s face when she walks into the room.

Our animals are very precious to us! We love taking care of them and enjoy just watching them graze in the cool evenings at the end of the day. We think the farm has brought a sense of the value of life to our family. It’s hard to explain the satisfaction of enjoying and sharing the veggies from the garden, honey from the hives, or eggs from the chickens. It’s harder still to explain the sheer joy felt watching the baby lambs jump and play and race around the pasture at the end of a late spring day.

In late springtime, we will have a few lambs for sale. Our little 1/2 miniature jersey heifer was bred to a full miniature Jersey bull this fall, and we are expecting a calf in late summer 2013 – if we have a girl, we plan on keeping her and doubling the size of our herd! We can’t wait to start enjoying fresh milk and butter! It will be a while before we have miniature Jersey’s available for sale. This past year, the boys raised a small flock of free ranging organic Turkeys. They were a big hit and easily sold out before thanksgiving. They had such success with this little venture that they plan on doing it again every year.