Ewes and Ram for Sale:

FOT83E6 (002)

Last year, we experimented with doing some Line-breeding with the mighty Rambaaler, and the results were fantastic!  Rambaaler is an amazing Babydoll specimen.  He is regarded by many in the breed as being one of the top Babydoll Rams in the country.  As far as we know, he is the only Babydoll to have ever won Grand Champion over all breeds at a sheep show.  His confirmation is ideal and his offspring have been gorgeous, sound sheep with excellent temperament, fertility and longevity.  Rambaaler is getting up there in age and since he won’t live forever we have opted to concentrate his genetics in our flock.  We bred him to a select few of his daughters this year and will be looking to keep several of his line breed daughters for ourselves to firmly imprint his genetics into our flock here at Morgan Family Farms.

Because of this, and because we have a small acreage, we are needing to make room for his daughters.  We have a few really nice 2-3 year old ewes that have plenty of life left and who are proven producers.  These are registered and are very nice animals.  We are selling these very nice young ewes for $500 each. 

In addition, we acquired a nice Ram, Chip, a couple of years ago from Diane Spisak, the former NABSSAR breed association president.  Chip has a few good years left in him and would make a nice addition to anyone’s flock.   He is fertile and an excellent breeder.  We plan on keeping a son of Chip around for breeding purposes here at our place.  Chip has bloodlines going back to the Olde English Babydoll registry and is a good outcross prospect for flocks looking to expand genetics.  He is long in body, has a great disposition, and his babies are extremely cute!  Chip is also for available for sale, $400.