On Confirmation

In 1780, John Ellman from Glynde, England, took the local sheep known as Southdown and systematically selected, developed and standardized them into what we now recognize as the considerably improved BABYDOLL Southdown; a breed that was destined to make its name a presence in sheep farming across the world because of Master Breeder John Ellman’s work.

We strongly believe breeders should maintain the integrity and work that Mr. Ellman began by keeping the Southdown conformation consistent Рwithout crossbreeding or breeding lesser quality animals. Not every BABYDOLL Southdown lamb that is born should be allowed into a breeding program.

Our animals are bred for the traits meeting the breed standard as outlined by the Nabssar registry and will not be sold as registered animals if they are found to have serious fault. Our breeding stock has been carefully selected and we believe we have gathered some of the best animals and bloodlines in the breed.

Rambaaler, our main Ram, has heavily influenced our flock. He is an outstanding specimen and is thought by many to be among the top babydoll rams in the entire U.S. He was bred by Diane Spisak and is out of one of her all-time best ewes, a productive and consisted producer of outstanding sheep. Rambaaler won grand champion over all breeds twice as a young ram (quite an achievement for a Babydoll sheep) and his photo is featured on the Nabssar webpage outlining ideal breed characteristics. http://www.nabssar.org/breed_standard_with_photos.php


While Babydoll sheep are not traditionally used for showing, there is an emerging presence in the show ring and we believe they will have more and more a place as the breed continues to grow. By starting our flock with careful attention to details, we have established ourselves as having some of the finest examples of Babydoll sheep. If you are looking to produce outstanding sheep keeping with rigorous adherence to breed standards, we invite you to take a look at the offerings here at Morgan Family Farms.



The Mighty Rambaaler as a young ram.